The Legend of Mermaid Tears

A Reminder to Always Love

Below the surface of the sea, mermaids yearn for the company of men. Many sing hoping to lure them to the depths of the ocean where they will forever remain. Legend has it that mermaids have the power to control the sea but are forbidden by Neptune from ever interfering in human activities. 

However, many moons ago a beautiful mermaid fell in love with a ship’s captain from afar. One evening during a storm-ravaged night, the boat struggled to fight the powerful force of nature. Sails were ripping and masts were creaking. The mermaid watched in horror; she feared that the captain may drown. Sure enough, he lost his footing and tumbled into the raging waters. Rather than luring him to join her for all eternity, she calmed the wind and tamed the waves to save his life. A tragic mistake.

She used her powers of the sea and changed the course of nature, knowing that it was forbidden. As punishment for her disobedience, Neptune banished the mermaid to the bottom of the ocean. Condemned for eternity, never could she swim to the surface to see her beloved captain. Her tears joined those of other mermaids who cried as sailors died before they could be lured by song. Tears, matching the colour of their fins are tumbled, rounded, and etched by the waves before reaching the beach. A reminder of true love.

Sea Glass Facts

Tossed into the waves and deemed worthless, sea glass begins it's new journey in the salt water waves. Dancing to the flowing rhythm of the tide, sea glass is a symbol of renewal.

Mermaid Tears Subscription

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 Grading Sea Glass

Sea Glass might all come from the sea, but the quality and colours vary greatly.

Caring for You Sea Glass

Once you've brought your sea glass home, you will want to wash it, perhaps sort it, maybe display it, or use it in a project.

My Sea Glass Journey

Mermaid at heart. Crafter in life.

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