Caring For Your Sea Glass

Once you have your collection at home, what do you do with it?

Washing Your Sea Glass

Some people wash it by holding it under running warm water and rubbing it with their fingers. You can also use a basic liquid dish soap. I tend to use denture cleaner, but it does mean not leaving it to soak for too long. You also want to soak it in warm water after to get rid of the residue. 

If you still find your piece has extra dirt, rust, or seaweed, you can try rubbing the piece with a toothbrush. I've also heard of people placing it in the dishwasher or using a steamer. 

It's important to note that some of the pieces will remain stained,  just think of it was part of the charm. It is all part of the sea glass's journey.

Sorting Your Sea Glass

This next part is where I get caught up in the detail. I am a sorter and my categories never seem to be just how I want them. Plus, I enjoy looking at the pieces and touching them. Most people sort their glass by colour, by grade, by location, or even by size. I try to do mine based on colour, but must be honest, a few cross over from time to you.

My sea glass is stored in class jars on the counter for display. However, I also have extra pieces in bins, and little containers. You can use anything you'd like from tackle boxes to egg cartons. I find the main criteria for me is stack-ability, accessibility, and lock-ability (I don't want my class tumbling out after I've spend so much time sorting it.

Displaying Your Sea Glass

Now that you have your sea glass cleaned and sorted, what next? Perhaps you just leave it as is and continue adding to your collection. Most people like to display their valued pieces in some way. I've seen sea glass placed at the base of potted plants, in fairy gardens and in glass bowls/jars (both with and without mini lights). I've even seen people line it up on shelves and mantles.

If you'd like to take your collecting to a new level, you can turn bring it to a jeweler or artist and have it created into a new piece to wear or display. Perhaps you are the artist and want to create a wall hanging, picture, mosaic, or candle holder. No matter what, remember the sea glass is your treasure to value and do with as you wish.

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