Sea Glass Facts

Sea glass is glass from bottles, jars, window panes, light bulbs, decorative items, or other items that have been carelessly discarded by humans and found by nature. These broken shards of glass are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for years. 

Sea glass is any glass found on an ocean beach.

Beach glass is any glass found on the fresh water shore.

Cultured Sea Glass  is glass made by humans to look like sea glass or beach glass.

Other Beach Treasures is a mixture of other items you may find on the beach and keep as a collector: sea pottery/chine, shells, bottles, rocks...

Where did it come from?

Once you've found the sea glass, you probably want to know the history behind the piece. How old is it? Where did it come from? What was it? Unfortunately this isn't always as easy as we'd like. There are however a few tips that you can use. 

No matter how big or how small the piece of glass may be, if it's found on the beach then it's sea glass. However, most avid collectors are looking for glass that has spent the better part of its life being sanded, smoothed, and hydrated at sea.

Most people believe that sea glass has made its journey from far-away lands, travelling the currents from place to place. While there is something romantic about a sunken ship, glass is not generally buoyant.  Heavy shards simply tumble to the bottom of the ocean, where perhaps they will never be found.

This means that the glass we find, was discarded by humans close to its point of origin. For centuries places used shoreline as landfills and it is those glass deposits that tumble on the shorelines for decades. While many places now have protected shorelines, the reality is that other places don't.

However, what you want to know is the country of origin. This can often be determined based on patterns and markings. It can also help if you know what the object was originally.

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