Other Treasures

It's amazing to me how many little treasures the beach offers. What started as beach combing for glass, has turned into so much more. My understanding is that this happens with a lot of beachcombers.

Sea Pottery/China

Often times sea glass collectors also include sea pottery/china in their stash. Much like glass, these pieces are found in salt water and have spent years tumbling in the waves and crashing into rocks.

Also like sea glass, each piece tells a story; each piece is a bit of history; each piece has either personal or monetary value.

Determining where sea pottery/china come from and what it was is often easier than with sea glass.

Sea pottery/china often has distinguishing patterns and shapes. If you find a bottom piece, it may even have all of or part of the makers mark.

Sea Shells

Shells can be found on any beach. Much like sea glass, the colours and types of shells will vary. 

Other Treasures

This includes things such as old spark plugs, carbon battery rods, rocks, and driftwood. 

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