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Posted 71 weeks ago

While in the Galapagos, I was truly blessed to see a male a Blue-footed boobie dancing for a female. It is part of their courting process.

Unfortunately, a couple was unable to attend that day. I thought it would be fun to perform it for them. My mom and I worked together on some wording.

It’s written from a female perspective. Normally the female doesn’t dance. We thought it would be cute if she was the one teaching him what do do.

This is the final product. Who knows maybe it’ll replace the chicken dance. 😂🤣

Posted 72 weeks ago

Yesterday’s treasures

Posted 73 weeks ago

This is truly amazing. I love nature.

Posted 74 weeks ago

This beach combing mermaid can now track her steps and heart rate on land and in water.

Posted 74 weeks ago

Photos I entered into a FB cover contest. The theme was aqua. Wish me luck. Although, I’m pretty sure I was only supposed to enter one.

Posted 74 weeks ago

I might have stopped at the beach even though I wasn’t going to. It’s not my fault it’s always calling me.

Posted 75 weeks ago

Close your eyes and listen to the song the ocean sings.

Posted 75 weeks ago

Do all Mermaids love Starbucks or is it just me?

Posted 75 weeks ago

Posted 76 weeks ago
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