About Me

I'd walked the beaches around the world so many times, and never noticed sea glass. It wasn't until I moved to Vancouver Island, in the spring of 2018, that I was introduced to it. I was down at the beach with my family and dogs when I saw a little girl. I noticed she'd stop every once in a while to pick something up. I asked her if she was collecting rocks.

Looking a bit confused, she opened her hand and replied, "No gems".

Sure enough there in her hands were tiny sparkling gems. "Wow, those are amazing," I replied.

She smiled and handed me one. "Here," she took a gem and placed it my hand. "A beautiful gem for a beautiful girl," she said.

I was touched. "Thank you so much, I will treasure it." Treasure it I do. It sits on the table with my other favourite finds.

As we were leaving the beach that same day, I found myself walking with my head down. Sure enough there in the sand were tiny hints of glistening colour - sea glass. I picked up a few more pieces to bring home.

For the next few days I found myself going back to look for more. I'd sit and dig for hours. I'm not sure when it went from that to a full on love of sea glass, but I found myself doing research. How had the sea glass gotten there? What was it from? Eventually I came across the tale of the mermaid tears. If I hadn't been hooked on sea glass already, I definitely was now. I wanted to start incorporating it into my jewelry and mixed media art. This meant finding more colours and more sizes.

Now, I go to the beach at least three times a week, usually as many as five. I sit there anywhere from an hour to 3 plus hours. Honestly, I'm lucky I haven't gotten a parking ticket.

When I'm not at the beach, I'm generally cleaning and sorting the glass. Yet, I always find time for non-glass related hobbies such as crafting, reading, swimming, taking short walks, watching TV, checking social media, or writing.

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